Continuing with the theme of cars… This was a moment before going on a recent road trip – getting new tires, alignment and rotation.


This was at a body shop, waiting for an appraisal. I looked over at the Benz on the other side of a glass door, waiting to be picked up or worked on. The custom license plate was an animation term, so I figured it was an animator’s car. Kind of funny.


Cars in the parking lot across from my favorite barber shop…


This was a quick fountain pen sketch made while we were at a Ford dealer, working out the details of buying a new car. I later went back and added some digital color, since I didn’t have time to use the watercolors.

I just now realize that all these sketches were done while waiting for someone or something. Drawing does make the time go by faster. Most of the time I’m disappointed when I have to stop sketching to actually conclude my business. Ha.