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Storyboard artist and animatic artist for feature films



I’m a storyboard artist and motion picture production illustrator living and working in the Los Angeles / Hollywood area, specializing in traditional hand-drawn storyboards for live-action and animated feature films as well as After Effects and CG animatics for pre-visualization and post production visual effects (VFX). I also draw and sketch a lot and upload it to the Sketchblog here and social media – just for fun!


I’ve been doing the #inktober2019 thing. I know this is watercolor but it started out as a fountain pen sketch in brown ink.

Some recent life drawings


From a couple of days ago.

Bond moments

Giant snowball

Hotel cliff-hanger


Click here for more live-action samples!

Featured post

Capture the derelict spacecraft


Batman: Alfred’s Secret

This is a strange little comic I did a while back when a friend suggested a group of us each do a comic-format story based on Batman. This was my take on it. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the Web-comic format, so I assembled all 10 pages of this story into one long strip to see how it would display on a phone or iPad. Hopefully you will find it amusing. Enjoy!

What the deuce indeed!


Denik Layflat Notebook – review

The people at Denik were kind enough to send me another book to look at — the Layflat Notebook:

Midnight Meadow design.

The design they sent me was Midnight Meadow which has a beautiful cover — and is one of 18 new designs they’re offering.

I’ve got to say, it’s pretty cool. Seems to be a normal A5 (5.25″ x 8.25″) size with rounded corners and a definite upgrade to the previous “smaller notebook” that I reviewed before. As far as “laying flat” it’s a LOT better than the earlier, perfect-bound small notebook. It seems to have stitched signatures as opposed to the glued-in pages and the paper is good quality.

Laying flat — a comparison: Denik Layflat Notebook (L), Handbook Sketch Book (R)

Again, most of what I do in a sketch book these days is with watercolor, and these pages were just a little too thin to accommodate large areas of wash, but still held up remarkably well.

Watercolor and ink on the Layflat pages. Just a hint of buckling, but not much!

This book would be perfect for pencil sketching, ink sketching, journaling or Bullet Journaling.

Pen and ink sketches (fountain pen), some with light wash shading.

And of course the great thing about this company is that a portion of the proceeds from every purchase goes to help build schools and support artists around the world.

Check them out#denik, @shopdenik

Writing a recipe for a friend

Trying out my new 1959 Sheaffer Snorkel fountain pen with De Atramentis Archive Brown ink. 

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