My son Jack and I made the annual pilgrimage to the San Diego Comic-Con via train from Union Station in LA last weekend. It seemed much bigger and more crowded than last year. Jack tends to look for action figures (this year was all about General Grievous), and game cards, whereas I like to get art books and see some original drawing and painting. The Comic-Con is such a great collection of characters, both in costume and presumably not, that I had to draw something. This sketch is from memory — we were walking along and suddenly the foot traffic came to a complete stop. I craned my neck to see what the hubbub was about and caught a fleeting glimpse of a woman in a white bikini and a man shooting video of her. What the heck?? Actually it’s not surprising, considering the male nerd demographic. Note the guy in the foreground with the giant earrings — he had holes in his earlobes as big as poker chips! (I actually saw him a couple hours earlier in a different part of the hall, but thought it would be good to include him in this sketch for color.) There was no shortage of Light Saber-wielding Jedi either. Most had some kind of new type with a fluorescent tube in it. We stayed for the day and returned in the evening. Quite fun. I picked up some great books, too. More on that later.