Anthony Zierhut

Storyboard artist and animatic artist for feature films



Flowers on the dresser

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Cushions on the couch

Having a little artsy fun with pencil and sepia watercolor.


The Castle Green – the old Green Hotel. A beautiful old Moroccan-style building from the late 1800s, early 1900s with an interesting history.

Looking East on Waverly Place – near Concept Design Academy.

Visit to the Vet


Nice older lady paying her bill. I should have drawn her dog too. Oh well.

Sometimes they make you wait in the exam room with your animal. Felix (the cat, of course) was getting restless and wanted to jump on the other table with the doctor’s things. After several attempts, I let him do it just to see what he’d do. He hid behind the doctor’s monitor, thinking he was safe. Silly cat.

Sitting by the fountain

From a recent outdoor meeting.

Walking to work

I’ve been walking to work again. We’ve been having beautiful weather (and we’re down to one car now) so it all works out. I’ve often thought about how odd it is, our family living in car-crazy Southern California, that my wife and I live close enough to our respective workplaces that we can walk, and all three kids have always walked to school (and still do). It’s kind of ironic. Since I can’t see myself walking to work, this is of course my idea of what I look like walking to work…

Kitten, Kid & Cut The Rope

The kitten is sleeping on a mailing box on the table while the kid eats Chinese food and plays a game on her iTouch.

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