…to complete things that I’ve started. I have an embarrassingly long list of unfinished projects. This is the year of completion. About four years ago I started painting my daughters’ closet doors — they wanted unicorns (naturally). The doors remained unfinished for four years, so to start the new year off right I resolved to finish that project first! I got some time off of work, so part of that time was set aside to finish those doors. Lily is working here with me on her own mermaid painting.

Each family member is represented here. Joan is teaching the girls how to fly, while Jack and I are flying in the background. Strict attention was paid to hair and eye color (well, sort of strict).

Finished and installed. Both girls were very happy. Speaking of happy — happy new year to everybody! The last couple weeks have been too crazy with the holidays and with work to do any worthwhile posting. My apologies to anyone who checked back here and thought, what the heck is he doing anyway?? Where are the sketches? Here’s to a new year full of new sketching opportunities — and completion of old projects.