I have several friends who are artists and can perform miracles with a pencil or markers, but who are completely dismayed when it comes to creating a web site to show their work. This is natural. Most of us can use Photoshop and compose email but writing HTML or using web authoring software, or getting web space can be an utterly alien and daunting proposal. After messing around with Blogger.com for about a year it occurred to me that a fairly simple artist / illustrator / storyboard artist web site could be created fairly easily using blogging tools without having to go through the painful computer nerd stuff.

So, late last night in a fit of inspiration I spent two hours creating a simple web site – for free – that displays an artist’s gallery, a resume’, contact information – and a page showing how I did it, hopefully simple enough that anyone else can do it.

I needed material to show, so I chose to create a site for the great Rennaissance master painter Titian, as if he were still alive and looking for work. Here’s the result:

And here’s the tutorial page that shows how I, and presumably you, if you want to, can do it too. I don’t know if will help anybody, but maybe it will be a small step towards getting someone’s work up on the web – which might lead to a job for crying out loud.