We spent a long-planned weekend with my inlaws visiting the galleries in Laguna Beach. A beautiful place that, believe it or not, I’ve never visited before. I saw some fabulous sculpture work by Richard MacDonald and Paige Bradley; and I was really pleasantly surprised to see some Rembrandt etchings – unbelievably inspiring. My favorite one was an etching of The Resurrection of Lazarus. Check out the image in the link. Look how casually the Christ figure exerts his powers – like “no big deal” – like a superhero but without all the self-conscious, silly superhero drama. While all the people around him witnessing the scene are freaking out. Just awesome. If Rembrandt were around today he could easily have been a storyboard artist. That’s the kind of emotion, storytelling and staging that we all strive for.

I did a little sketching which I’ll post here later, but not in the same post as Rembrandt. I just can’t follow that act.