I’ve been slowly putting together an on-line sample of an animatic specifically for this web site that won’t infringe on anybody’s copyrights. It’s a short action sequence that I’ve been chipping away at for a while. Maybe I’ll post some of the drawings here in the near future.

In the meantime, I wrote about some of the animatic work I’ve done and the software I’ve used in this article: Animatics for Motion Pictures. It’s a brief explanation of what an animatic is and how it is used as a tool for a movie director to realize his / her vision before shooting. It was written for Blender3d.org last summer, and so is geared towards the users of Blender3d software. Blender is a wonderful – and powerful – 3d modeling and animation program that is absolutely free for anybody to download and use. I used it for about a year on Spider-Man 2 before switching to LightWave to do 3d animatics. I highly recommend Blender for anybody interested in learning about 3d without having to pay a dime, or put up with irritating 30-day trial periods or watermarks.