I get a lot of email from students who are interested in pursuing a career in storyboarding. I just found a terrific site with lots of info on the subject:


The only problem is the link they have to my site is down, got washed out with my recent clean-up of the old – seven-years old – version of this web site. It’s making me think seriously about re-posting those old HTML pages as clones of my HOME page so I don’t lose any prospective visitors. When I get a moment I’ll do that.

UPDATE: Done! I found some code for “This page has moved” etc. and re-coded all my old pages. Now if any old, extinct pages on my site are linked – as in Google – no problem. It funnels down to my HOME page. Whew! At some point I’m going to stop all this procrastinating and actually get a drawing up here, believe me.