Last sketch of my old car

Last Saturday I donated my 1995 Ford Escort to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We scheduled a pick up and just before the appointed time I figured I’d take the opportunity to sketch my old mechanical companion one last time. I did the line work rapidly, as I had only about ten minutes before the appointed time; but the driver was late, so I spent more time on the watercolor than usual. Fourteen years and 100,000 miles! It stranded me once or twice, but was a good car overall.

4 Responses to “Last sketch of my old car”

  • Anthony,

    That’s a nice sketch and a great testimony for Ford. My late father had a 1993 Explorer and it never gave us any trouble, let alone roll over! Continue your loyalty to Ford, my friend.

  • Thanks Ted! Yes, I would agree. We got a 2012 Ford Flex not long ago, and it’s my wife’s favorite car she’s ever owned!

  • Will miss that car! Many a trip to Golden Roads, and stranded once at Fathers Office for some Pliny… May still be a chance for some “Busted Clutch IPA” down the road in its honor!!

  • Nice memorial. Like to hear the dory of the donation process.

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