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Making jewelry

She’s only ten years old, but loves sitting quietly and making beautiful things for friends and family…

Christmas Cookie Bake

The annual Cookie Bake where just about everyone from my wife’s family comes over to share their Christmas cookies and dividing them up for everyone. Great fun.

Train to the Comic-Con 2008

Our annual pilgrimage to the San Diego Comic-Con by train. This time I took all the kids, giving Joan a bit of a break for a day. My good friend John who went to Art Center with me rides with us on the train every year too. This year we met up with one of my wife’s good friends from high school and his two boys as well as her cousin’s kids who drove down from Santa Barbara. It was quite a group. The kids really look forward to it, and the 3-hour train trip is at least half the fun. I’ve been going to the Comic-Con just about every year since 1989. I didn’t do as much drawing as I’d like, but there were some great things to see and buy — and keeping track of the tribe was an immersive experience too, especially since the event sold out for all four days and was quite crowded.

Jane and Lily on the piano

They learned the first two bars of a Beethoven piano concerto and played it over and over and over and OVER AND OVER again…. Ha. The great part was they were having a good time and were sitting in one place long enough to sketch. At one point, when I was sketching her hand, Lily made her doll play it. Another sketch done standing up.

Lily in the park

This is when she wanted to go home to get a pair of pants so she could do “upside-down things”.

Back of the menu sketches

I have been working a lot lately, and not drawing for fun as much as I probably should, oh well –for a guy who’s basically freelance, it’s good to be working! So night before last we all went out to the local Mexican restaurant and the girls wrote their names on the backs of their kid’s menus, then came over to my side of the table and asked me to draw them under their names.

I like how Jane had to give me a credit on the bottom of her drawing. It’s funny, too, how she had to use my full name, as opposed to “Dad”. Kids are funny. You can almost make out what’s written on the other side of the paper too. Hopefully I’ll have some time to do some proper sketching here soon.

Painting kids painting

As we were cleaning out the garage a little while ago I stumbled upon these paintings we had done for Joan as a mother’s day gift about four years ago. (Note how much younger the kids look.) Anyway, I had bought four of those little nine-inch pre-stretched, pre-primed canvasses and asked the kids to paint her pictures while I painted them painting. Mine is really more of a sketch than a painting. I just drew with a fine point Sharpie directly on the canvass and colored it with the craft acrylics we had (you can see the bottles of paint on the table). I know this isn’t recent, but when I saw them I thought it would be fun to post.

I like this abstract one Lily painted 🙂

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