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My son gets a haircut


This was from a while ago, but I’m experimenting with updating the old sketchblog from my phone & thought this would be a good sketch to try it out on.

Jack, J.J., Tanner, Seth

At our dining room table a few minutes ago. From left to right: Our son, our cat, our nephew, our son’s best friend. Jack and Seth are locked in battle on their laptops playing Dota 2.

Telling a story


Sometimes we just sit at the end of the table and talk.

Camping 2013 #1

(Click to enlarge)

We all just got back from our annual camping trip (well, last week anyway) in Big Sur. Here are a few of the sketches I did while we were there. It was a wonderful and relaxing time as always, and our friends at the Big Sur Campgrounds & Cabins were simply awesome, as always.  More to come!

Disneyland with the family

A couple sketches from a recent visit to Disneyland with my cousin Monica and our whole family. Very fun. I think it had been four or five years since we’d all been there at once. We waited to meet my cousin at the Grand Californian Hotel, which was spectacular. In the sketch above, our oldest daughter is taking a picture of our youngest daughter on her phone.

Then we had a tasty lunch at the Italian restaurant just outside the theme park. It was nice to relax and draw for a bit before going into the park itself. It wasn’t too crowded either which was a pleasant surprise.

Hair cut

Just a quick one – it’s a trick drawing / painting while standing up. Behind them is a mirror and you can see me reflected in it drawing this 🙂

Kids at the grandparents’ house

Just a quick sketch of the kids watching TV at their grandparents’ house.

At the kids’ table

Last night at our local eatery I turned to see the kids engaged in some animated discussions so I had to sketch them. Lily is seen here drawing the charming little sketch below:

Minutes ago…

It’s a balmy 73 degrees F (22 C) here in Southern Cal. Lily and her friend having a nice relaxing Sunday.

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