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Glendale California

Ball point pen and watercolor

Having fun with a simple ball point pen and some watercolor washes. There’s something fun about the humble Bic medium point – the ink is waterproof and the pen is so familiar that I can concentrate on drawing and not have to think about the pen. I think I started using one of these in third grade. My son introduced me to the Uniball Signo white ink pen – also a lot of fun.

Friday lunch sketches

Every Friday at lunch time I’ve been making it a goal to get together with other artists and sketch around the campus at work. Steve MacLeod organized it, so I’m basically following his lead. A good excuse to talk and draw. These represent three weeks worth of sketching. I usually only have time to do one before time runs out and we have to grab a bite to eat, then back to work!

Sketching with friends at lunch

Sketch of Steve drawing by the lagoon, with a bit of Glenn’s head there at the bottom of the frame. (I think I accidentally added 15 years to Steve here; he’s looking a bit older than he really is.)

It was a fun thing to do. Let’s see if we do it again.

This was a little warm-up sketch I did first.

Last sketch of my old car

Last Saturday I donated my 1995 Ford Escort to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We scheduled a pick up and just before the appointed time I figured I’d take the opportunity to sketch my old mechanical companion one last time. I did the line work rapidly, as I had only about ten minutes before the appointed time; but the driver was late, so I spent more time on the watercolor than usual. Fourteen years and 100,000 miles! It stranded me once or twice, but was a good car overall.

Hair cut

Just a quick one – it’s a trick drawing / painting while standing up. Behind them is a mirror and you can see me reflected in it drawing this 🙂

Quick sketches from the community garden

I went to water our community garden plot over the weekend and captured some moments there.

2 Freeway and Verdugo Rd


One more from the Vet

This was a quick fountain pen sketch that I went back and colored in Photoshop.

Visit to the Vet


Nice older lady paying her bill. I should have drawn her dog too. Oh well.

Sometimes they make you wait in the exam room with your animal. Felix (the cat, of course) was getting restless and wanted to jump on the other table with the doctor’s things. After several attempts, I let him do it just to see what he’d do. He hid behind the doctor’s monitor, thinking he was safe. Silly cat.

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