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Group hug














We were watching a silly video on my wife’s laptop when I looked up and saw all three kids hugging while watching. I had to sketch them. (I still can’t believe they’re all teenagers now.)

Birthday card

"Joan's birthday card 2011"















We celebrated my wife’s birthday over the weekend and I made her this card. She’s with her favorite kitten, J.J., who’s small now, but, I swear, will be about this size when he’s grown. He’s a┬ápoly-dactyl kitty, which explains the “thumbs”.

Daughter reading

I’ve rediscovered a 1.4mm mechanical pencil with some old art supplies and giving it a whirl. Also, heh, her actual hair color is somewhere between the two; I was just trying out different colors for fun…

Banana and Foot

So far the new sketch book is working out wonderfully.

Jack’s horse drawing

(Click to enlarge)

My son Jack did a great horse drawing this evening. I like all the muscles. Good stuff!


At the gardening nursery looking for some new plants. Sketched on the spot while standing; colored in the car while the memory was still fresh.

Train to the Comic-Con 2008

Our annual pilgrimage to the San Diego Comic-Con by train. This time I took all the kids, giving Joan a bit of a break for a day. My good friend John who went to Art Center with me rides with us on the train every year too. This year we met up with one of my wife’s good friends from high school and his two boys as well as her cousin’s kids who drove down from Santa Barbara. It was quite a group. The kids really look forward to it, and the 3-hour train trip is at least half the fun. I’ve been going to the Comic-Con just about every year since 1989. I didn’t do as much drawing as I’d like, but there were some great things to see and buy — and keeping track of the tribe was an immersive experience too, especially since the event sold out for all four days and was quite crowded.

Trip to Texas – Sketches 4 & 5

The couple sitting in front of us:

They did not break eye contact with each other for, I swear, the entire flight. Very nice.

A woman sitting across from us — once again her profile caught my eye and I had to draw her.

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