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Digital color

Camping ’06 # 8 – waterbug

The kids caught this monster then let him (her?) back loose in the wilds exactly where they found it. I just spent 15 minutes during my lunch hour coloring it (the original sketch here). I’ve been needing to practice using digital color and sometimes these sketches prove to be perfect guinea pigs (guinea bugs?). We couldn’t resist taking a picture of this bug while my son Jack held it. Click here to see – WARNING: not for the squeamish!

Camping ’06 #3 – beading

This is how Joan relaxes – by working! I shouldn’t talk, I guess I’m drawing while relaxing. She and my sister-in-law made lots of jewelry while the kids played. (Just for the heck of it – Joan’s web site.)

Camping ’06 #1 – car died

Driving by myself up highway 101 to meet Joan and the kids in Big Sur – in the middle of nowhere the power goes completely out of the car. I coast up the nearest off ramp, Los Lobos Rd (“the wolves” road). There was a gas station, but upon closer inspection it had been boarded up and abandoned for years, weeds growing around it. Luckily I still got cell reception and help arrived in a couple hours. Not a good start to the annual camping trip, but the rest of the trip would turn out fine, thankfully!

Eating watermelon on the porch

Well, I’m off to go camping, just like this time last year. The kids and Joan have already been there a week. There won’t be any posting for a while – until next weekend. Hopefully I’ll have some sketching to post!

Black skirt

Another digital color experiment.

At the animal hospital

Experimenting with some loose digital color over a sketch from yesterday afternoon.

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