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Weekend in New York

Last week I went out to NY to meet up with my wife who was attending the National Art Education Association (NAEA) conference.  It was great.  My sister showed us around her neighborhood in the West Village.  She took us to the famous White Horse Tavern where I made these sketches from where I was seated in the bar.  I’ve been experimenting lately with making a bunch of little sketches from one vantage point to see what (hopefully) interesting little compositions I can find…

iPod Touch sketch

I did this sketch yesterday on my iPod using an app called “Brushes”. I saw France Belleville-Van Stone use it in her blog, thought the results were interesting and wanted to try it out for myself. This sketch is of my current office mate Ryan. I like the fact that it uses layers close to the way Photoshop does. And it’s kind of interesting for me to draw, write and even post to my blog from a single little hand-held device (I got the WordPress app too!). I know, I’m a geek. But there is something compelling to me about the self- contained portability of it all.

Happy new year! New year’s theme…

Oh yeah, I have a blog!

I could say that work has been busy and time has gotten away from me and I haven’t had much time for posting lately, but that would sound like an excuse, which it is. Anyway — new year, new ideas, new posts.

I’m not much for resolutions; sometimes they’re successful, sometimes not so much. But this year, instead of a resolution, I want to try out a theme, and the theme, if you haven’t guessed, is “inspiration“. I’m going to set my mind on being inspired and hopefully being inspiring; of finding and rediscovering old inspirations as well as discovering new ones; of finding artists who inspire me, techniques, software, images, music, movies, associations – both personal and professional, activities, ideas… anything.

Inspiration is a good mode or aspiration or idea for an artist because, among other things, it brings with it excitement, enthusiasm and, as a friend told me on new years eve, a deliberate openness. That’s all good. It’s a nice way of thinking, I hope something fun and good comes from it!

Lily practicing for a performance

I threw some Photoshop color on this just for fun.

The Rappin’ Mathematician

I’m not sure why this is the third post recently of someone standing in front of an audience with a microphone. Coincidence, I suppose.

Anyway, this was at a PTA meeting I attended with my daughter this evening. The guest speaker was Alex Kajitani, aka the “Rappin’ Mathematician”. He was very inspiring, talking about reaching middle school kids using rap to teach algebra. Here’s a YouTube video from a CBS newscast that explains it pretty well. He was showing us his student – produced music videos about parallel lines and negative and positive numbers. I got the room pretty well, and his physical attitude, but I was not so good with his likeness. So, when he sat down after the presentation, I got to remedy that:

These were both line drawings done in my sketch book at the event, then brought home, scanned and value added in Photoshop.

Sketches from the public education meeting

These were some quick line drawings that I did during the meeting last night and then added value in Photoshop.

It was an important meeting. Letting us know about layoffs of teachers and options they were considering. Pretty depressing, actually.

Independence Day sketch

A double-spread fountain pen sketch done at our good friends’ house. I added a little value to it in Photoshop for fun.

3 Little Kittens mural

This is a rough sketch with color added representing a mural concept for the “Lost and Found” room at my kids’ elementary school. The idea is that a child looking at this picture could locate all the lost mittens that the kittens can’t see.

Strange creatures — wearing hats

Ok, there’s a story here. Lately I’ve been starting my drawings of people from the top of the head and working my way down. I was sitting at a diner by myself and saw a table full of older guys wearing baseball caps. So I started to draw them, but one guy saw me, so I stopped, and my food arrived before I could finish the other guys. Two weeks later I’m sitting with my kids eating lunch, with my sketchbook open to a page of baseball hats floating in mid air. The kids said I should finish the sketches, suggesting the different animals that could be wearing them. Jack suggested a chicken, Jane suggested a fish, and Lily, typical of her strangely humorous mind, suggested a watermelon. Silly stuff.

Update: color! Threw some quick Photoshop color on it just for fun.

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