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Disneyland with the family

A couple sketches from a recent visit to Disneyland with my cousin Monica and our whole family. Very fun. I think it had been four or five years since we’d all been there at once. We waited to meet my cousin at the Grand Californian Hotel, which was spectacular. In the sketch above, our oldest daughter is taking a picture of our youngest daughter on her phone.

Then we had a tasty lunch at the Italian restaurant just outside the theme park. It was nice to relax and draw for a bit before going into the park itself. It wasn’t too crowded either which was a pleasant surprise.

Lily eating Jello; George Booth…

She turns seven next month. Maybe I’ve got too many kid sketches here, but hey, when I’m off work for the weekend I’m hanging out with my kids, so I draw what I see.

On a different note, yesterday I picked up a book in the sale bin at the local bookstore on my favorite New Yorker cartoonist, George Booth. It’s hysterical. Good interview with him about his life by Lee Lorenz, too. Mr. Booth is one of the few gag cartoonists who can really draw, despite what might appear to be a humorously casual drawing style. I think I like his humor because it is so unpredictable and just plain odd. And he draws really funny cats that just sit in the background of his sketches.

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