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pencil watercolor

Merry Christmas!

I sketched these flowers this morning after I noticed that one of them bloomed over night. I used a black Listo Marking Pencil – ancient technology for a “marks on anything” kind of grease pencil, sort of the Sharpie from the 1920s. It’s waterproof so it works great with watercolor. Anyway, happy holidays! My new year’s resolution is to post more often 🙂

Visit to the Vet


Nice older lady paying her bill. I should have drawn her dog too. Oh well.

Sometimes they make you wait in the exam room with your animal. Felix (the cat, of course) was getting restless and wanted to jump on the other table with the doctor’s things. After several attempts, I let him do it just to see what he’d do. He hid behind the doctor’s monitor, thinking he was safe. Silly cat.

Trip to Texas – Sketch 3

At the Phoenix Airport, waiting for a connecting flight, and in the air.

Trip to Texas – Sketch 2

I started sketching this man during our flight because I loved his profile. Then a flight attendant came over to him and said, “Would it be all right if I told them who you are?” to which he nodded yes. She then announced over the P.A. that “we have an aviation hero on the plane, Gail Halvorsen.” He was even featured in the in-flight magazine in the seat pocket in front of me. Here’s his Wikipedia page. Very interesting.

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