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New York City

NY street

Joan and my Sis stopped in a shop to pick up some clothes, so I lingered in the doorway to sketch.  The sketch above is from looking straight up the street from the shop.  The sketch below is of an elderly crossing guard directly in front of the shop.

She had a grandmotherly vibe about her, seemed to emanate sweetness.  My sister explained that it’s her job to help little kids cross the busy street.  I’ve lived nearly half a century in Los Angeles, so for me it was fun and exotic to visit such a differently laid-out place, and a place with so much history too…

Some more NY sketches

These are from a fun diner / bar called ‘Cowgirl’.  All but the last image was from where I was sitting.  The last image is of the exterior of the place.  Joan took a picture of me drawing that part:

Weekend in New York

Last week I went out to NY to meet up with my wife who was attending the National Art Education Association (NAEA) conference.  It was great.  My sister showed us around her neighborhood in the West Village.  She took us to the famous White Horse Tavern where I made these sketches from where I was seated in the bar.  I’ve been experimenting lately with making a bunch of little sketches from one vantage point to see what (hopefully) interesting little compositions I can find…

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