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Jury Duty

Luckily I wasn’t selected for a jury this time. It was an interesting opportunity to sketch.

Another trip to the doctor…

Jack injured his arm while at the beach with another family.  It seemed like nothing at first, then I decided to take him in when the swelling wouldn’t go down.  It turned out that he did have a minor fracture.  But between seeing the doctor in Urgent Care and waiting for the x-ray results, there was a LOT of waiting — which means a lot of sketching!

At some point he even took a nap.

He’s fine now.  Kids heal fast.

Daughters waiting at the doctor’s office

They were at the doctors to get some blood drawn.  The contrast between their personalities: The older one is very calm and trying to console the younger one, who is nervous and a little bit scared.  They both brought friends – a teddy bear (“Samantha”) and a plush-toy monkey (“Lucy”).

Trip to the zoo

The baby reached for a leaf to eat just as I was drawing his (her?) arm. Perfect.

I went to the local zoo with my daughter over the Thanksgiving holiday and spent a wonderful time with her looking at the animals and sketching them.


The night before last we all got into the minivan and went to LAX to pick up Joan’s cousin, who’d just spent the last four and a half months in Paris. We overestimated the downtown LA traffic and found ourselves in the International Flights waiting area an hour and a half early. Jack and I started sketching. Jack likes to sketch from memory characters from the latest Playstation game he’s working on, while I sketch stuff around me. He draws lots of long-haired mysterious looking guys with swords and strange beasts and monsters. I asked him to sketch something he saw here, which he did, and well; but that’s all rather boring to a 12-year-old. I know I would have been bored with reality at that age too. He asked me why I like to draw things, everyday things, that I see, and I told him honestly I don’t know. For some strange reason, the older I get the more interesting it is to draw normal reality as it unfolds. I can’t say why.

This young lady next to us hardly moved – except her thumb, which was doing a mile-a-minute, text-messaging on her cell phone. Her face was without expression, but her hand was quite expressive.

Day at the museum

I’m on a new-ish schedule at work, in which Tuesday and Wednesday are my Saturday and Sunday. So yesterday I spent a few hours at the LA County Museum of Art. It’s the first time in about a year or so that I’d been there. There’s currently a great, albeit small, exhibit of Gustav Klimt’s original paintings, which were more inspiring than I was expecting, for some reason. The landscapes were my favorites – he had a very technically free and yet compositionally controlled painting style, with less regard for light and perspective than for surface and pattern; and yet he pulls it off without seeming mannered, or self-conscious or overly clever. All the paintings had a great sense of honesty to them. I guess I’d never really seen a Klimt up close, and I suppose I had been selling him short. This exhibit really was a pleasant surprise.

The Japanese Pavilion is a strange building – and my usual favorite part of the museum. I sketched it above. Inside all the art is lighted by natural light diffused through shoji screen like windows. You follow a gradual, serpentine path down through the building, criss-crossing an indoor stream that follows a similar path. It’s great. Very relaxing.

Bug Fair

On Saturday we all piled into the car and went to the annual Bug Fair at the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History. We go every year, seeing as my son loves bugs and has since birth. At one point I thought he might become an entymologist, but now I’m not sure… Anyway, now we’re brand new owners of three “ironclad beetles“, one of which is named “Bridget”.

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