Anthony Zierhut

Storyboard artist and animatic artist for feature films


Idyllwild California

Long July 4th weekend

We had a nice relaxing four-day weekend. We spent one day and one night up in the local mountains. Our friends let us stay with them in their beautiful, multi-level cabin-like summer home. I did some sketching – this view from the dining room table:

Later we went out and had lunch. I sketched this view of a giant totem pole in the parking area while standing on the porch waiting for the kids to make their purchases in the candy shop:

In all, it was some much needed relaxation.

Weekend in the snow

The kids had never played in the snow before, believe it or not. So we drove with some good friends and their kids to Idyllwild and stayed in a beautiful cabin. Some quick sketches of classic snow action resulted: sled riding and snowball fighting, primarily.

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