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High School

“A sea of bows”

My oldest daughter’s cheer team at the high school regionals.  Just like the caption says, she told me that sitting on the floor there, looking out at all the other competitors in their uniforms, it was a “sea of bows”.  I thought that was a poetic way of describing it.  A quick sketch from the lower bleachers.

The Rappin’ Mathematician

I’m not sure why this is the third post recently of someone standing in front of an audience with a microphone. Coincidence, I suppose.

Anyway, this was at a PTA meeting I attended with my daughter this evening. The guest speaker was Alex Kajitani, aka the “Rappin’ Mathematician”. He was very inspiring, talking about reaching middle school kids using rap to teach algebra. Here’s a YouTube video from a CBS newscast that explains it pretty well. He was showing us his student – produced music videos about parallel lines and negative and positive numbers. I got the room pretty well, and his physical attitude, but I was not so good with his likeness. So, when he sat down after the presentation, I got to remedy that:

These were both line drawings done in my sketch book at the event, then brought home, scanned and value added in Photoshop.

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