Anthony Zierhut

Storyboard artist and animatic artist for feature films


Culver City California

Resaurant sketch

The food came before I could draw the man she was talking to.

Not on the phone

When I first looked up and saw this couple, he was on the cell phone and she was sitting there with that classic, all-too-familiar bored and slightly uncomfortable expression of someone waiting for the other person to get off the phone. By the time I got the sketchbook out, he was off the phone and back with her. So I had to draw what I was looking at. Oh well.

Taking a break

She owns the restaurant we go to for lunch sometimes. This was the first time I’d seen her stop moving long enough to be sketched.

Afternoon coffee…

…and a good book, it seems.

Howard at lunch

Today we all went to a deli-market place with a beautifully landscaped little patio area in the back with so many ferns and trees that I got overwhelmed. I had this idea of putting poor Howard’s head at the bottom of the page to make room for folliage. (I’m trying to do the “click to enlarge” more often now.)

Quick lunch sketch

No exaggeration in scale here, I swear. The fact that I was sitting down and he was closer to me probably helped emphasize their size differences.

Script reading

I left the studio momentarily to walk across the street for a cup of coffee. After ordering my double-latte I noticed that two out of the three people sitting in there were reading movie scripts. This guy was taking notes on his. Hollywood.

Back to reality…

Well, that was it for the “uploadable” camping pictures. Back to the urban / suburban reality of Los Angeles. Vacations are great for bringing on new ideas, thinking up new thoughts and having weird dreams…

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