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Community Garden

Our Community Garden plot

This is from the last time I watered our plot a couple days back.  I realized I have a few sketches I’ve made from the past of our plot at various stages of development.

Joan tending the veggies — you can tell how close it is to the freeway on-ramp here.

From the other side during a watering session.

And this was a  layout she asked me to make from an overhead view as a record of what she has in there and roughly where it’s placed.

Peach Blossoms

I watered our plot at our Community Garden and, while soaking the roots of a sapling, sketched some of the blossoms of a nearby peach tree.  The bees were busy…

Eco-Community Garden grand opening

Joan has one of these raised garden beds. It’s a great thing, turning what was once a city eye-sore into a beautiful and functional community garden. When the new trees they planted eventually grow up I can only imagine what an even more beautiful spot this will be. I drew and colored this standing up in 90+ degree heat. A wonderful event for a wonderful cause.

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