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Camping 2013 #2

Our campsite – Joan’s Ford Flex in front of our tent.

The back of the Flex served as the pantry – as always…

This one tree above our campsite caught my attention. My son – now 19 – pointed out that he always liked the shape of the top of it, and imagined, as a small child, that it looked just like a robot. Naturally Joan had a different take on what it might be…

This is from the inside of the local pub. They have an amazing selection of beers, and always something really interesting and amazing on tap (for me that means hoppy).  It’s fun going to the same campsite every year for 13 or more years now. We’ve gotten to know a few of the locals pretty well. This is our friend Tracy’s dog. He’s the local tree man and an amazing musician. As I drew this another local – a man a few years older than me – came around to see what I was doing. Turns out he, like me, was an Art Center graduate (he from the mid-1960s, me from the mid-1980s). It was fun to talk to him about storyboarding and the advertising business. He’s retired now and living in beautiful Big Sur!

Camping 2013 #1

(Click to enlarge)

We all just got back from our annual camping trip (well, last week anyway) in Big Sur. Here are a few of the sketches I did while we were there. It was a wonderful and relaxing time as always, and our friends at the Big Sur Campgrounds & Cabins were simply awesome, as always.  More to come!

Camping sketches

Some sketches from our annual Big Sur camping adventure last month. These are my camping shoes – once, long ago, they were reputable, now they’re so beat up I only take them camping.

One of the many California scrub jays that wait for you to drop something edible.

And this – from a camping dream. It always amazes me the weird dreams I get while camping. I don’t remember much of this except in involved being in some kind of studio and seeing all my drawings, from like my whole life, laid out against the wall in the hallway. I have no idea what that might mean, but in the morning I was compelled to draw it while it was still fresh in my mind…

A few more from Big Sur



Kids are all back in school. October is about to begin! (My favorite month!)

Camping sketch

This is Jack and Seth sitting by the campfire. The sketch below it is my idea of what the cereal box sketch book might look like.

Camping – 2010! Concert

We went to the Henry Miller Library to see Black Francis in concert there. It’s a great venue to see music. A couple years back we had seen John Doe and Peter Case there. Very small, intimate venue – folding chairs on the grass, probably a couple hundred people max.  I was not familiar with Black Francis, but was informed by my wife and cousin Jerry that he was in the Pixies. It was a great show, and a nice experience only a couple miles from the campsite.

One more from camping…

Summer’s over! One last look at the summer camping trip: my son reading by the riverside. This one done as a birthday card for a family member.

New camping sketches

We just got back from our annual two-week trip to Big Sur (although we didn’t go last year, due to the fires), and so I did some sketching, as usual. This is the river next to the tent (above).

Our neighbor’s dog: half husky, half wolf.

A lot of fun, very relaxing, but glad to be back all the same…

Camping ’06 # 8 – waterbug

The kids caught this monster then let him (her?) back loose in the wilds exactly where they found it. I just spent 15 minutes during my lunch hour coloring it (the original sketch here). I’ve been needing to practice using digital color and sometimes these sketches prove to be perfect guinea pigs (guinea bugs?). We couldn’t resist taking a picture of this bug while my son Jack held it. Click here to see – WARNING: not for the squeamish!

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