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Quick sketch in the heat


I did this day before yesterday around noon – it must have been 103 degrees out. I swear I could see the watercolor drying on the page. The paper buckled more than usualĀ from the quick dry action I think. This is the inside of the front gate at work.

Overgrown office building

I was walking past this normal, boring office building this morning, then noticed that the entire back side of it, not even visible from the street, was covered with an amazing vine. It transformed a cement-walled eyesore into a place of mystery. I wanted to explore that little door in the back.

Sunday at the office

It was a beautiful day to sit outside and enjoy my lunch, so I made this little sketch during my lunch hour.

Day at the museum

I’m on a new-ish schedule at work, in which Tuesday and Wednesday are my Saturday and Sunday. So yesterday I spent a few hours at the LA County Museum of Art. It’s the first time in about a year or so that I’d been there. There’s currently a great, albeit small, exhibit of Gustav Klimt’s original paintings, which were more inspiring than I was expecting, for some reason. The landscapes were my favorites – he had a very technically free and yet compositionally controlled painting style, with less regard for light and perspective than for surface and pattern; and yet he pulls it off without seeming mannered, or self-conscious or overly clever. All the paintings had a great sense of honesty to them. I guess I’d never really seen a Klimt up close, and I suppose I had been selling him short. This exhibit really was a pleasant surprise.

The Japanese Pavilion is a strange building – and my usual favorite part of the museum. I sketched it above. Inside all the art is lighted by natural light diffused through shoji screen like windows. You follow a gradual, serpentine path down through the building, criss-crossing an indoor stream that follows a similar path. It’s great. Very relaxing.

My studio

I sat down in the backyard while the kids were running around and sketched my studio (click to enlarge, if you want). Note the Texas barbecue prominently positioned for maximum use (I love to barbecue). The strange shape in the lower left is part of a kids’ slide. I was inspired to draw this from reading a book, The Creative License by Danny Gregory. Monica, a reader of this blog, was kind enough to recommend it to me a short while back. The book came in the mail on Friday and I spent a good portion of the weekend reading through it and enjoying every minute of it. Mr Gregory is an entertaining writer and a real proponent of drawing – as a way of seeing, as a tool of discovery – and of journaling too. It lead me to want to draw even more than usual, just for the fun of it. I’m not even finished reading the book either. Ha.

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