This is a list of some board artists, animatic and previs artists whom I know,  worked with, or just corresponded with, whose work is excellent:

Josh Sheppard. Josh’s own links page is about the best there is on the subject of storyboarding.

David Lowery.  Dave is a fantastic storyboard artist and illustrator. He also has a wonderful blog.

Anson Jew; also Anson’s comics work.

Pete Von Sholly.  Pete does a lot more than storyboards and his site is quite entertaining.

Ryan Woodward.  Ryan and I worked together on Spider-Man 2 and 3. He’s a wonderful animatic artist, a terrific illustrator and a published comic book writer / illustrator.

Jon Dahlstrom.

Here’s a collection of sites and information for storyboard artists, previs artists, or students interested in more information on storyboarding as a career:

Mentor Huebner – The official web site of the legendary conceptual designer, illustrator, storyboard artist and fine artist, maintained by his widow Louise Huebner. The quality and depth of his work, as well as the impressive list of films and clients, is an eternal source of inspiration.

Drawsketch – – A wonderful resource for things relating to and about sketching: Lessons, tutorials, reviews of articles, books, web sites and blogs. Helen South writes and maintains it, and updates it frequently.

I’ve also written a few things relating to storyboarding and / or animatics: This link used to go to an article I wrote a few years ago concerning working as a storyboard artist as a profession. They’ve since taken the information I wrote and edited it to make it seem a little more generic. The information is still helpful for aspiring storyboard artists, so I’ve kept the link.

I’m reprinting  a lengthy response to an email from a student asking about storyboarding as a career.  I don’t mind answering emails about this stuff, but sometimes I just don’t have the time to give as detailed a reply as is needed.  So hopefully some of this info will help those with inquiring minds.

Animatics for Motion Pictures. This is a brief article I wrote about creating animatics for movies. It’s geared towards the users of Blender, a powerful and free 3d software package that I have used in the past, but the information can be applied to any software used in the creation of animatics or pre-viz.