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Storyboard artist and animatic artist for feature films


Sepia wash

Jack, J.J., Tanner, Seth

At our dining room table a few minutes ago. From left to right: Our son, our cat, our nephew, our son’s best friend. Jack and Seth are locked in battle on their laptops playing Dota 2.


This is from last night at our local favorite weekly restaurant. They sat by the window (that’s an SUV parked behind them) and never broke eye contact with each other for, I swear, 45 minutes. I got the feeling they’ve been together a long time.

I decided to try a light pencil underdrawing for this one, which I almost never do – as I usually like to draw directly with the fountain pen and just see what happens, but I wanted a slightly more simplified, cartoony technique than usual. ALSO – this is the first sketch I’ve done with my new Noodler’s Ahab fountain pen – what a fantastic pen!  Check out this link for more information on the pen – and a fantastically geeked-out video about, well just about everything you’d want to know about the pen and MORE!

Young Busker

A busker in front of the movie theaters in Burbank, 10:pm on a Friday night. Jack and I sketched him together before going in and seeing “The Dark Knight Rises”. Jack said he was playing sad songs about breaking up with a girl. He played almost entirely with his eyes closed. I gave him two dollars. He had quite a few in his tip box already.

Summer pool party

That’s my son drying off in the foreground.

We sat around and drew each other…

I drew my oldest daughter…

I drew my son…

…And he drew me! (Pretty good likeness, too.)

Lily asleep

This was from a few days ago. She crawled into our bed after we got up and fell back to sleep. They’re easy to draw when they’re not moving!

Making jewelry

She’s only ten years old, but loves sitting quietly and making beautiful things for friends and family…

Christmas Cookie Bake

The annual Cookie Bake where just about everyone from my wife’s family comes over to share their Christmas cookies and dividing them up for everyone. Great fun.

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