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Good bye Blogger!

It was five-and-a-half years of fun, but it had to end I suppose. Blogger recently announced that they would no longer support FTP blogging, which is how I managed this blog since 2004. It was nice of them to offer the service for free to begin with, so I can’t get too bent out of shape about it.  Simply put, I would sign in to Blogger to make posts on, instead of a blogspot address. It was convenient, but occasionally buggy, and sometimes leaving me unable to post anything at all; and so I guess they don’t want the headache of keeping that aspect of their service going.

So, this is the new Sketchblog — thanks to my programmer friend Josh and to WordPress! I’m also a little relieved to be clear of the Blogger / Google Empire too, to be honest…

None of the links to my blog or website should be any different. So if you link to me, fear not! Everything should work as smoothly or smoother than it ever has.

Technical issues…

Some weird stuff going on at I have not been able to post for a few days because something is broken on their end, not allowing me to post to my personal domain ( So, for the time being, I’m continuing the blog at this new address —

There’s no need to change any of your links to my blog, as I’ve put up a re-direct page from there to here, and everything seems to be working. Hopefully this will get resolved soon.

Raccoon update…

Night before last I was in my studio and heard some noise outside. I looked and discovered our friend “Pat” (see post below) — but with four small raccoon cubs — all munching on peanuts. They looked up at me, then went right back to feeding. I think this means Pat is a female? Not certain, but a hunch nevertheless.

End of another sketchbook, a new beginning

So I finished off the sketchbook Joan made for me back in 1999, which I rediscovered in March. I just finished my first week on a new job, for a new (for me) studio, on a new movie with a whole new group of people, and it’s coincided with getting a new sketchbook. It’s a celebration of new-ness! It’s all good.

End of an era

Yesterday was my last day working on Spider-Man 3, after two years and two months. Actually, with only a small intermission between Spidey 2 and Spidey 3, I’d been employed with that great crew since June 2002, doing previs and animatics mostly. Now it’s off to a new film, new crew, new adventure. I’ll miss working there, as it was a fantastic experience and it will certainly be a fantastic movie.

Excuses, excuses…

I’ve been remiss in posting because work has been crazy this week – trying to get stuff ready for the Comicon. It will be great hopping on the train tomorrow for San Diego with my son and geeking out for the day. It’s usually a fun sort of sensory overload, and I look forward to getting some good art books and comics. Maybe some sketching will come out of it too.

Not bad…

I think I finally figured this thing out. Editing the CSS code in sort of a ham-fisted way, I think I got this page to look like the others in my site. I wanted to dive into blogging to avoid too much stultifying technical mumbo-jumbo in editing HTML. Hopefully that’s it, over. On to the art!

The new Virtual Sketchbook

This is the newest part of my site. Please bear with me as I get the SketchBlog configured over the next few weeks.

I love to sketch and blab about what I’m sketching, so this will be a part of my site dedicated to a lot of visual goofing off. In a previous incarnation of this web site, it was called the Virtual Sketchbook. Advances in blogging technology have made updating an electronic sketch journal much easier. My intention is to take advantage of this and update this section of my site as frequently as possible. We’ll see…

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