I drew Jack as Jack drew me

Last night my son came by my studio / man-cave (as my wife calls it) and asked if he could draw me. So I took the opportunity of drawing him as he did that. ¬†Just for fun I looked back on this blog to see how many times I’ve drawn him drawing – here’s the result: here in 2010, here in 2009, here in 2008, here in 2007, here in 2006¬†(although that sketch is actually from 2002, I just posted it in 2006) and here in 2005. It’s funny to see him growing up in the sketches! That guy loves to draw.

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  • This is a lovely sketch and I enjoyed looking back through the others you did. It must be nice to have a drawn record to look back on! The white accents look really effective on this one :)

  • Thanks Clare! Yes, it’s kind of funny to look back at how much smaller the kids were back then, and what they were doing. Thanks re: the white accents – I’ve been using a white ball point pen that Jack introduced me to: the Uniball Signo.

  • Great post! I always enjoy my visit to your blog, the trip back in time was fun. You know all of these sketches would make a great children’s book about a family that grows up drawing each other. I’ll wait in line until it’s published.
    take care.

  • Thanks Peter! Ha, I never thought of that, very kind of you to say!

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