Robert McGinnis – Illustrator

Robert McGinnis is a national treasure. I’ve only recently come to realize that I’ve known his work just about all my life, but didn’t know that all of it was the work of the same man. And, as frequently is the case, the more I looked into it the more impressed I’ve become. He’s nearly 80 years old now, and the body of work he’s created over the years shines like a brilliant diamond. Everything he draws and paints has that rare combination of seemingly effortless spontaneity and technical perfection.

Some of his books:
Paperback Covers

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  • I think my Father’s work is really great but apparently Harry Candelario and his associates have pulled my fathers legacy…………..into a joke of ripping, stealing and ridiculing his work for all of America.
    You can thank the Internet….and FREE creative commons……..lets all go to hell….with disrespect.

  • For those in the know.Robert McGinnis has now been nominated as the”Illustrator of the Century”in America as of Jan.16,2009.
    He is both an icon and a treasure in the history of American Art.
    At 83 years old he still paints every day from dawn till dusk.
    Need I say more?This man is nothing short of a genuis.
    God bless you Robert McGinnis.
    Jason Maguire
    Greenwich Ct.

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