Monthly Archive for April, 2012

Waiting room…

This is a strange composition. I was getting ready for a safety-oriented class to maintain my union status for the live-action Art Department guild. I looked up and this is what I saw, one guy sitting against the wall and the other guys in the shadows beyond. It occurred to me that I do a lot of sketching while waiting for something. On the one hand I think that’s probably good: making use of the time, celebrating even the most ordinary moments; on the other hand it makes for a lot of sketches of people waiting around. Not sure what that all means. Might make for an interesting series, seeing them all together, if it doesn’t put people to sleep I suppose. Ha.

One hour sketch book

I have been invited to teach a class on how to make sketchbooks. I figured the simplest and most practical design would be best for the class. The 124 page book pictured below was made in one hour — it usually takes at least a couple hours. What I did differently was to really simplify the cover, allowing it to be as protective as possible, hopefully somewhat attractive in a utilitarian sort of way, and letting the bulk of the creation time to be dedicated to sewing the signatures of the book block. I also really like the idea of re-purposing inexpensive but sturdy and useful materials, so I decided to make the cover out of a simple hanging folder. My son said last night that he wanted a new sketch book so I took the opportunity to try and make the design above. Here’s how it turned out:

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I think it will be a good book to make for the class. Quick and relatively easy, sturdy and practical.

California poppies…

…and busy bees.  There are two of them, but the second one isn’t easy to see at first. This is from our garden when I went to water it.