Monthly Archive for February, 2012

Me on the pharmacy security cam

I kind of liked the weird fish-eye effect on the monitor.  It was also nice that I just happened to have a giant arrow over my head…

Our Community Garden plot

This is from the last time I watered our plot a couple days back.  I realized I have a few sketches I’ve made from the past of our plot at various stages of development.

Joan tending the veggies — you can tell how close it is to the freeway on-ramp here.

From the other side during a watering session.

And this was a  layout she asked me to make from an overhead view as a record of what she has in there and roughly where it’s placed.

“A sea of bows”

My oldest daughter’s cheer team at the high school regionals.  Just like the caption says, she told me that sitting on the floor there, looking out at all the other competitors in their uniforms, it was a “sea of bows”.  I thought that was a poetic way of describing it.  A quick sketch from the lower bleachers.

Powerpoint presentation sketch

My friend and co-worker Anthony Holden inspired me today by reminding me not to get to “precious” about what sketches I may upload, take a chance and show sketches that I’m not 100% happy with, but put them up here anyway.  I think it’s good advice.