Monthly Archive for August, 2007

Camping ’07 #2

This is the view from our tent. We always get the same campsite, year to year, with the river just behind the tent. Joan and the kids were there for two weeks. I was there for the last week. A wonderful, relaxing time.

Camping ’07!

And, just like last year, car trouble! I think this is the last big trip for the venerable ’95 Escort. I did a few sketches, most of them in color, as seems to be my habit of late.

Waiting for the movie to start

This is a quick sketch of my son Jack from last month when we went to see the latest Harry Potter movie. He was sitting next to his friend and joking around — I only had time to sketch him, but you see a certain conspiratorial mischief in his expression I think. Would have been better with the other kid included, but hey.

Foot under the desk

More fun with the Pelikan fountain pen.

Breakfast sketch

I did this in two sittings over two days: first for the line, next for the color. Thanks to Mattias Adolfsson, I’ve rediscovered my old Pelikan fountain pen. I asked what kind of ink he used, seeing that it appears to be waterproof and yet is coming out of a fountain pen — two things that usually don’t go together. He told me he uses American Eel ink, so I ordered some. Fantastic stuff. That pen has neither written nor drawn better than it does now.

Brown speckled banana and post-it