Monthly Archive for June, 2005

Return to pollywog creek

We went back to put some pollywogs back with their brothers and sisters, and collect some more. We forgot the net, so Jack caught about 10 or so more with his hands. As usual he keeps moving, so sketching him is quite the challenge. Kids are all about motion, that’s for sure.

Robert McGinnis – Illustrator

Robert McGinnis is a national treasure. I’ve only recently come to realize that I’ve known his work just about all my life, but didn’t know that all of it was the work of the same man. And, as frequently is the case, the more I looked into it the more impressed I’ve become. He’s nearly 80 years old now, and the body of work he’s created over the years shines like a brilliant diamond. Everything he draws and paints has that rare combination of seemingly effortless spontaneity and technical perfection.

Some of his books:
Paperback Covers

At the nursery, looking for plants

I actually drew this standing up, holding the sketchbook in one hand and a pencil in the other. Easy to goof it up.

Pollywog catching

Over the weekend we all hiked up the hill behind our neighborhood into the woods. There were several small waterfalls and lots of little streams. The kids caught pollywogs to take to school and watch as they turn into frogs to be set back loose in the woods.