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Lily wearing a hoodie

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Finishing one hand-made sketchbook and starting another…


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This was / is a very LARGE sketch book that I started in mid-2012. Just finished it. I created a new sketchbook a few months ago (actually I made four identical sketchbooks, and gave three to friends) with a smaller page count so it presumably won’t take as long to get through. The new book also has three different colored pages randomly spaced throughout – white, gray and tan. More on that later…

Joan & Cathy organizing craft ideas in the dining room (detail)

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Some Halloween decorations remain pen

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Lily shopping for pens on her laptop

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Clyde the tortoise has an evening snack of dandelion.

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Quick sketch in the heat


I did this day before yesterday around noon – it must have been 103 degrees out. I swear I could see the watercolor drying on the page. The paper buckled more than usual from the quick dry action I think. This is the inside of the front gate at work.

My son gets a haircut


This was from a while ago, but I’m experimenting with updating the old sketchblog from my phone & thought this would be a good sketch to try it out on.

Doing errands with Joan. Sketch from the passenger seat

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Quick sketch from work the other day

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